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How it all started

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It seems so long now how Wigs & Co came about.   20 yrs ago it wasn't even a figment of my imagination but that all changed when Manon my daughter had Leukaemia at the age of 4.  Aside from the 3 yrs of chemotherapy, operations, blood transfusions and numerous hospital stays.  She like all the other children and teens on the ward had hair loss from chemo.  Manon being so young was gun-ho about it all and accepted it as just one of those things. The teens on the other hand were devastated.   They were at an age where their hair was their crowning glory.  At that time we were in long-term hospital care in Llandough, Cardiff and the wigs provided were from the then House of Fraser shop.  There was no consultation, no choice and no client care.  It was so distressing for some of these girls that they were refusing chemo because of the hair loss that would ensue.   As a mother, I found this awful to witness and knew there must be a better way for these girls to feel encouraged to wear wigs whilst going through chemo.   And so it all started.  Upon Manon getting the all-clear from Leaukaemia I set about turning the outside gym into a wig salon.  I had no idea how I was going to do it or how it would work out.  Fast forward 16 yrs and I am helping women from all over the U.K who make an appointment especially to see me.  I have helped countless thousands with wigs during that time and continue to do so.  I remain one of the few salons in Wales that carry such vast stock that most clients walk out on the day with a wig of their choice.  So the sum of it is every cloud has a silver lining.  From Manon's illness and cancer journey to Wigs & Co.  Kisses Kate.

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